Meet The Members, an Introduction

“What is your Favourite Biscuit?”

Welcome to a new, exciting, and quite controversial website feature. “What is your favourite biscuit?” (Cookie for those on the other side of the pond!) As we are blessed with many new members, it is probably good for them to be introduced to the regulars. It is also good to introduce some of the regulars to them too.

So, we are going to ask members and new members (and in the future perhaps some Dalserf YouTubers), a few simple (and silly) questions to help us get to know them a bit better.

November “What is your favourite biscuit?”

Our first guinea pigs or “biscuiteers”, as they now shall be called, are three of our newest members, Rose and Malcolm Macgregor and Liz Reynolds and two of our, “well kent” faces Anne McHolm and Lily Budgell.

Fortunately, in our first edition of this feature we have not had to legislate on whether we will accept a Jaffa Cake as a biscuit. No doubt that issue will arise later. Keep watching this space and remember you could be next to “be bisuited”!

The Keeper of the Biscuit Tin

Rose and Malcolm

What is your favourite biscuit?
Liz -Dark Chocolate Caramel Wafer
Anne – Tunnock’s Caramel Log
Lily – Ginger Snaps
Rose – McVitie’s Digestive
Malcolm – Dark chocolate KitKat

What is your favourite TV Detective programme?
Liz – I don’t watch detective series, I prefer “Great British Sewing Bee”
Anne – NCIS
Lily – Vera and going back Z-Cars
Rose – Columbo
Malcolm – Morse

What superpower do you wish you had?
Liz – Teleportation to avoid airport queues.
Anne – Endless energy
Lily – To stop global warming.
Rose – To fly
Malcolm – Walking or running normally!

What is your claim to fame?
Liz – Mother to twins, a Norwich Terrier and currently 30 calves.
Anne – Child actor on several Wall’s Ice Cream TV Adverts
Lily – Gained British Expedition Training award with Girls’ Brigade
Rose – Appeared on “Flog It” TV Show
Malcolm – Appeared on “Flog It” TV Show too!

What is one thing that you think is special about Dalserf?
Liz – The warm inclusive nature of the people
Anne – Friendliness of people
Lily – Lovely friendly welcome for everyone
Rose – Rev Fiona who brings word of God alive from the scripture.
Malcolm – Great friendly attitude of all.

Retiral of our Organist and Elder, Philp Fox

On Sunday at Dalserf Church we said “happy retirement” to Philp Fox which after a period of ill-health stepped down as organist and elder.

Philip was wished well, given a presentation, and we all enjoyed cake & tea afterwards.

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