Worship is conducted every Sunday in Dalserf Church at 11.30am. The service is preceded by a short prayer meeting held in the Hamilton Hall 11.10am to 11.25am and followed by tea/coffee (soup during the winter months) and fellowship also in Hamilton Hall. A service is held in Rorison Church at 2.30pm. on the first Sunday of the month from October to June.

The main Communion services are held three times a year – normally on the first Sundays of March, June and November. Individual cups are used in the East and centre areas of the church with non-alcoholic wine and the common cup with the elders and in the West area of the church (organ side).

A number of family/youth services are held throughout the year which may be led by MAD Ministries or one or more of the youth organisations.

An informal service called “Focus” is held on the 1st Thursday of the month. Often a representative from a Christian mission or organization would speak about the work of the organisation.

A Bible Study group meets in Hamilton Hall, Dalserf, every Monday at 11am.