A Christmas Star

The Star shines out from Rorison Church heralding the coming of Christmas.

Thanks to Bob and Rona Campbell we are once again greeted by the star as we enter the village telling us Christmas is coming. It cheers the heart and warms the soul to be reminded in this time of Coronavirus Pandemic God is still on the throne and His Son still reigns over all.

Happy Christmas to all who view our site.

“You the Lord reign forever, your throne endures from generation to generation”. Lamentations 5:19

Parish Remembers The Fallen

Netherburn Cenotaph
Netherburn Cenotaph
Ashgill Cenotaph
Hand Painted Stones
Dalserf Parish Church of Scotland Remembers

Wreaths were laid at both Cenotaphs by The Lord Lieutenancy, and the Orange Order.
Hand painted commemorative stones were placed by representatives of the Church. Stones were painted by Lewis Scotland, Larkhall Academy and Joan Harvey, a Dalserf Church Elder.
The Act of Remembrance also took place during the Service recorder at Dalserf and screened on Sunday. The Service was led by Rev. John Stevenson and a Lament played by Piper Ross Forrest.

The Rev Stevenson’s Services can be viewed each week on the church website. www.dalserf.org

Shoeboxes For Blytheswood Appeal

On Wednesday 4th of November 33 filled shoe boxes and several monetary donations were collected at Rorison Car Park to be transported to East Kilbride where they were passed to Blytheswood shoe Box Appeal for Eastern Europe.
This is an annual charity dear to the congregation of Dalserf. Given the present pandemic the result was amazing and we thank everyone who donated in any way. Thanks to Graeme Anderson, son of Bill a regular attender at Dalserf, who transported the boxes to East Kilbride on our behalf.