Dalserf Parish Church of Scotland

Welcome to the website of Dalserf Parish Church of Scotland.

Mission Statement: “Dalserf Church exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ through the preaching of the word and the witness of every member”.

Sunday Worship, 13th June 2021

Whilst the Revd. John Stevenson is taking a short break, we will continue to bring you our regular Sunday worship from the Revd. Alan Gibson at Motherwell South Parish Church.

Sunday Worship, 6th June 2021

This being the first Sunday in June I have included in the service a celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Communion. So please, if you so wish, have elements ready so that we can all share together in our Lord’ Supper. Can try to alert as many people you know who tune into the service but do not receive the link directly from me. It would be good that as many people as possible are forewarned so that we can all share together at the same time.