Dalserf Parish Church of Scotland

Welcome to the website of Dalserf Parish Church of Scotland.

Mission Statement: “Dalserf Church exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ through the preaching of the word and the witness of every member”.

Readings For Lent

40 Days beginning Wednesday 17th February

First nine readings

Psalm 27 vs 14 Wednesday 17th February
1 Peter 5 vs 6 Thursday 18th February
Matthew 6 vs 21 Friday 19th February
Matthew 6 vs 16-18 Saturday 20th February
Isaiah 58 vs 6 Sunday 21st February
Psalm 42 vs 2 Monday 22nd February
Joel 2 vs 12 -14 Tuesday 23rd February
Lamentations 3 vs 25 Wednesday 24th February
Isaiah 30 vs 18 Thursday 25th February