Sunday Worship, 10th April 2022. Order of Service

Order of Service
Sunday 10th April 2022
6th Sunday of Lent

This morning Service will be led by Ian White

A warm welcome is extended to all.
Please join us for a time of
fellowship and refreshment
in Hamilton Hall after the service

“Say to Daughter Zion, ‘See, your king comes to you,
gentle and riding on a donkey,
and on a colt, the foal of a donkey (Zechariah 9:9)

Entry of God’s Word
(Please stand if you are able)

Welcome and Intimations
Call to Worship

Praise CH4 127 O Worship the King (Vs 1,2,5,6)

Prayer of Approach, Adoration & Confession.

Reflection – Who is Sent ?

MP 242
Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the highest;
Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the highest:
Lord, we lift up Your name,
With hearts full of praise
Be exalted, O Lord my God
hosanna in the highest

Glory, glory, glory to the King of Kings;
Glory, glory, glory to the King of Kings:
Lord, we lift up Your name,
With hearts full of praise
Be exalted, O Lord my God
hosanna in the highest

Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29 Prim Gilmour
Luke 19 : 28-40 Ian White

Praise CH4 365 Ride on Ride on In Majesty

Palm Sunday Poem They Knew Him Not

The Road to Reality

Praise CH4 506 All I once Held Dear

Offering & Dedication of Offering.
Intercessory Prayer for Others.

MP 1000

King of kings, Majesty
God of Heaven living in me
Gentle Saviour, closest friend
Strong Deliverer, beginning and end
All within me falls at Your throne
Refrain -Your Majesty, I can but bow
I lay my all before You now
In royal robes I don’t deserve
I live to serve Your Majesty

Earth and Heaven worship You
Love eternal, Faithful and True
Who bought the nations, ransomed souls
Brought this sinner near to Your throne
All within me cries out in praise. – Refrain

3 Fold Amen


A warm welcome is extended to all joining us for worship today.

A special warm welcome to Ian White who is conducting our service.

The service this morning will be recorded for the Church Website and Facebook page.

Tea and coffee will be served in Hamilton Hall after the service.

Any items for the May Newsletter must be in the hands of the Editor today.

On the front pew are ribbons and buttons in the Ukrainian colours of blue and yellow. Please feel free to take one of these and there is a box if you wish to leave a donation. These are courtesy of the Guild and we thank Janet Calendar for making them.

The flowers this week were gifted by Mrs Prim Gilmour
The flowers next week will be gifted by Mrs Kay Blair

Please continue to pray for those people on the prayer list
Rita and Sommerville, Willie Miller, Colin and Marion McAllister,
Margaret Kent, John Grove, Mary Grove, Forbes Gillespie, Anne Brown and her son Alistair, Norval Toryusen, Helen Hamilton, Janette McPhee, Prim and her family, Christine Anderson and her family.

Our Easter Sunday service next week will be conducted by Hazel Brooks.


Services for Holy Week will take place in Baptist Church, Larkhall, Thursday 14th April at 7.00pm. This will be a Communion Service. Good Friday 12 noon, Silent Witness, St Machan’s Church front garden, concluding Good Friday Reflection, 7.00pm St Machan’s Church.


On Wednesday 18th May in Rorison at 7.15pm our Guild will be hosting an evening when the speakers will be Shanti and Lily Raju from Southern India.
Shanti is the Founder of Good News Ministry
The come highly recommended to us by Revd Bill Murdoch who will be conducting our service here in Dalserf on Sunday 29th May.
Please try to come along as this is open to everyone not just Guild members.
It would be lovely if we could give them a hearty Dalserf Welcome.
As usual with anything hosted by the Guild. Tea will be served.