Order Of Service Sunday 9th February 2020

Dalserf Parish Church

5th Sunday after

Entry of God’s Word
(Please stand if you are able)

Welcome and Intimations
Introit: Honduras Alleluia

Call to Worship

Hymn: 93 Let us with a gladsome mind

Prayer of Approach and Lord’s Prayer

Hymn: 482 Come, let us to the Lord our God

Prayer for Illumination

I Cor. 2: 1 – 12 Lily Budgel
Matthew 5: 13 – 20 Revd. John Stevenson

Hymn: 336 Christ is our light! The bright and morning star

“Light and Salt”
Matt. 5: 13-16

Anthem: ‘All earth was dark until you spoke,
then all was light, and all was peace.’ MP 8

Offering and Prayer of dedication

Prayers for others

Hymn: 748 Through saints we glimpse the light of Christ

Threefold Amen