Order of Service Sunday 2nd April 2017

Dalserf Parish Church

Fifth Sunday in Lent

Entry of God’s Word
(Please stand if you are able)
Welcome and Intimations

Introit: Come to us Lord
Call to Worship

Hymn MP 656(i) – The Lord is King

Prayer of Approach and Lord’s Prayer

Hymn MP 331 – In heavenly love abiding

Readings Ezekiel 37: 1-14 Rosemay Clarkson
John 11: 1 – 45 Revd. John Stevenson
Hymn: MP 67 – Breathe on me breath of God

Sermon: Unbind Him and Let Him Go

Anthem: Open are the gifts of God

Offering and Prayer of dedication
Prayers for others

Hymn MP 575 – Rejoice the Lord is King

Threefold Amen

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