Intimations Sunday 3rd September 2017


A warm welcome is extended to any visitors to our service today.
There are welcome cards at the end of the pews. If you are a visitor please fill in one of these and place it in the offering plate. Tea and coffee will be served in Hamilton Hall after the service and you are invited to join us for a short time of fellowship together. There will be a service in Rorison today at the new time of 2.30pm.

Our Sunday Pathfinders are back with us after their summer break.

Our Open Day took place yesterday and raised the sum of £1250.00
Grateful thanks again to everyone who worked hard to make this possible.

House Group will meet tomorrow at 1.30pm

Our Girls Brigade will meet tomorrow night in Rorison

Our Boys Brigade will return on Thursday night in Rorison

There will be a Youth Committee meeting on Thursday night in Rorison at 6.45

Due to the tragic conditions in Houston Sarah-Jane Rodger contacted Diane and Charles O’Neil. Diane has replied saying they are fine and send their love to everyone at Dalserf.

The Choir will resume next Sunday meeting in Hamilton Hall at 10.15am

There will be no Kids alive at Dalserf or Netherburn Primary Schools until further notice.

Any items for the October Newsletter must be in the hands of the Editor by next Sunday 10th September.


Wednesday 13th September Guild returns when the speaker will be Rev John Stevenson
Sunday 17th September Guild re-dedication Service.
Thursday 5th October Focus returns in Rorison at 1.45pm
Sunday 8th October Harvest Thanksgiving Service this is changed from the 1st October.
Saturday 11th November Hamilton Caley Male Voice Choir in Dalziel St. Andrew’s Church at 7.30pm in aid of replacement windows in the church. Tickets £5.00

Monday 23rd October help from members would be greatly appreciated to clear the Church. Time proposed 9am. It is thought that this will take a few hours, so if you wish to bring a packed lunch then tea and coffee will be provided in Hamilton Hall.

Painters will begin either 25th or 26th October. Not sure how long painting will take. When painters are finished it is proposed to employ a professional cleaning company.

Services at Rorison will be Sunday 29th October at 11.30am
Sunday 5th November (Communion) at 11.30am
Sunday 12th November at 11.30am

Restoring of the Church contents possibly Monday 13th November again at 9am. Tea and coffee will again be provided in Hamilton Hall.

It is hoped to be back in Dalserf on Sunday 19th November but this will depend on how long the painting and cleaning takes.

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