Intimations Sunday 28th May 2017

Intimations Sunday 28th May

A warm welcome is extended to any visitors to our service today.
There are welcome cards at the end of the pews. If you are a visitor please fill in one of these and place in the offering plate. Tea and coffee will be served in Hamilton Hall after the service and you are invited to join us for a short time of fellowship together.

There is a prayer meeting in Hamilton Hall each Sunday at 11.10am. Please join us for a short time of prayer before the service. If you would like further
Information please speak to Sheena Archibald.

Our Saturday Teas yesterday raised the sum of £278.00

It has been brought to our notice that when the Church money is being counted on a Sunday that there are a number of occasions when people enter the room where this is taking place. These interruptions are extremely disturbing to those counting the money so can we please ask that no one enters the room until the counting of the money is completed.

In Hamilton Hall there is a box of items for sale from St Andrew’s Hospice. Please have a look at the items in question and help to raise funds for a very good cause.

Worship will take place here in Dalserf next Sunday 4th June when the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper will be observed and then also at Rorison at 3.30pm. Next Sunday evening there will be a Sunday Spotlight in Hamilton Hall at 7pm. Easter to Pentecost through Art will be presented by Mike Taylor. Refreshments will be served.

Rita Fairlie has been discharged from hospital and is delighted to be back home.

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