Intimations Sunday 16th June 2019

A warm welcome is extended to any visitors to our service today. Tea and coffee will be served in Hamilton Hall after the service and you are invited to join us for a short time of fellowship together.

Each Sunday morning in Hamilton Hall at 11.15am, there is a short time of prayer and meditation. Please feel free to come and join us you will be made very welcome.

Margaret Wilson has been admitted to Ward 10 Wishaw General Hospital. Please keep Margaret in your thoughts and prayers.

Larkhall Jubilee Club will meet on 4th Tuesday of the month from 2pm – 3.30pm in Raploch Bowling Club Raploch Street Larkhall. If you are a carer of someone with dementia or you know someone who would benefit from coming to a friendly social afternoon to enjoy music, laughter and friendship please come along you will be made very welcome.

Our Saturday Teas yesterday raised £452.20

Staying with our Saturday teas, as well as the delicious baking that is done, we also have to purchase filter coffee, pats of butter and sugar etc. from the Cash and Carry. If you feel that you can financially help with the purchase of these items, please speak to Rae Hunter as she very kindly handles this for us. Any donations will be greatly received.


Nursing Home visits Friday 28th June. This will be our last visit till Friday 27th September.
Teas every Saturday finishing 31st August.
Open Day Saturday 7th September.


Week Beginning 20th June 2019

Sunday Worship on 23rd June, will take place in Dalserf Church at 11.30am. The Service will be conducted by Revd John Stevenson.

On Saturday our Teas take place in Hamilton Hall, Dalserf Village from 12 noon – 4pm. We will meet every Saturday till 31st August. Come along and join us and enjoy good food, good company and Christian Fellowship.