Intimations Sunday 14th May 2017

Intimations Sunday 14th May

A warm welcome is extended to any visitors to our service today.
There are welcome cards at the end of the pews. If you are a visitor please fill in one of these and place in the offering plate. Tea and coffee will be served in Hamilton Hall after the service and you are invited to join us for a short time of fellowship together.

There is a Prayer Meeting in Hamilton Hall each Sunday at 11.10am. Please join us for a short time of prayer before the service. If you would like further Information please speak to Sheena Archibald.

There will be no Bible Study till further notice. Rita is still in Wishaw General. She is having difficulty with her breathing due to having a severe chest infection. However they have changed her medication and she is now making some progress and is hoping to be moved to a ward early next week.

Bible Wonderland will meet in Rorison on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Our Local schools will attend, but for the benefit of any adults who wish to see this you can do so at Rorison on Friday 19th May at 2.30pm. Volunteers will be needed to set up on Tuesday at 1.30pm and then to dismantle on the Friday around 3.30pm. If you are able to help with this please speak to Joan Pollok.

Our Boys Brigade will meet on Thursday night in Rorison. Next Thursday 25th May will be our Boys Brigade Award Ceremony. This will also be their Captain Mr Eric Budgell’s last night. Please try to come along and support the boys and to wish Eric a very happy retirement.

Our Saturday Teas started yesterday and raised the sum of £

Our Guild outing will take place on Saturday going to Dumfries. The bus will leave Dalserf at 9.45am then Rorison Church, the shop Ashgill and Netherburn. The cost of the outing is £25.00. There will be a coffee break at Heath House Garden Centre then on to Dumfries. We will have our High Tea at the Globe Inn Dumfries. Hopefully the sun will shine and we will all have an enjoyable day out.

It has been brought to our notice that when the Church money is being counted on a Sunday that there are a number of occasions when people enter the room where this is taking place. These interruptions are extremely disturbing to those counting the money so can we please ask that no one enters the room until the counting of the money is completed.
In Hamilton Hall there is a box of items for sale from St Andrew’s Hospice. Please have a look at the items in question and help to raise funds for a very good cause.
Our love and congratulations go to Prim Gilmour who celebrated her 80th Birthday on Wednesday.

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