Intimations Sunday 10th December 2017


From Rev Devid Doyle

Dalserf people will recall that in September and October an independent review group, commissioned by the Presbytery’s Implementation Committee prepared proposals for a way forward for the churches of Larkhall and Dalserf. These proposals, when presented, first to the Dalserf Kirk Session and then to the Committee itself, were vigorously challenged. Therefore, perhaps surprisingly, certainly boldly, the Committee presented an alternative plan, a commendable plan with higher vision and greater realism. At last Tuesday’s Meeting, Presbytery rejected the Review Group’s proposals and adopted the alternative plan by an overwhelming majority, 90 votes to 6!
So, it is all change!
In brief, the three churches in Larkhall will move towards union, initially between Chalmers and Trinity, (the Trinity building to be disposed of) and in time also with St. Machan’s; there will one congregation with two places of worship and 2.5 ministers/members of staff.
As for Dalserf, we will no longer be part of the Larkhall plan: Dalserf will be given a 0.5 ministry. This could mean a part-time ministry, or, preferably, a linkage with another church in the area (not Larkhall) with a shared full time post.
This a much better option than had been offered, though it does present a great challenge to our congregation. It must be our hope and our prayer that here will be found a positive and realistic way forward for the ministry and mission of Dalserf, for the continuing worship of our congregation, and for its effective work and witness in this parish.

Intimations Sunday 10th December

2nd Sunday in Advent

A warm welcome is extended to any visitors to our Service today. Soup, tea and coffee will be served in Hamilton Hall after the service and you are invited to join us for a short time of fellowship together.

Bible study will meet in Hamilton Hall tomorrow.

Our Girls Brigade will meet tomorrow night in Rorison. They will then be on holiday till Monday 8th January.

There will be a Kirk Session meeting in Rorison on Tuesday at 7.30pm.

Our Guild Christmas Sing-a-long with Kenny Mason and Friends is on Wednesday night in Rorison at 7pm. Cost is £5.00. Kay Blair has tickets.
Our Boys Brigade will meet on Thursday night in Rorison
Next Sunday here in Dalserf will be our Christmas Gift Service. Please bring along a gift marking the age that the gift is suitable for.

Our church Christmas appeal is also underway. Please take this opportunity to donate to the Local Drop in Centre in place of giving each other in the Congregation a Christmas Card. This way we are sharing our Christmas greetings with those less fortunate than ourselves. Just pop your donation in the envelope back in the basket and hang your card on the tree.

Church Diaries are available on the front pew. Please help yourself.

Mrs Nessie Brodie one of our members died on Sunday. Her Funeral took place yesterday.

Received a letter from St Andrew’s Hospice to say that we raised £136. 10 through the sale of their Dove Badges and CD’s . This added to the money raised at the Harvest Lunch makes a grand total of £1,282 10. They extend their grateful thanks.


Our local Nursing Homes will be visited on Friday 22nd December. Clinton House 1.45pm, Ballantine Court at 2.15pm and 2.45pm. If you are able please come along to all or some of the above and bring Christian Fellowship and Love to the Residents at this special time of year.

Sunday 24th December Christmas Treats will be served in Hamilton Hall at 10pm prior to the Watchnight service here in the Church at 11.30pm.

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