Christmas Service Notice, December 2021

Omicron Variant, it has been necessary to cancel the planned Watchnight Service. The planned order of Service will be on the Church web site for anyone who wishes to read through perhaps meditating on the readings and enjoying the proposed hymns. We pray that all will have a blessed Christmas and 2022 will see us able again to share fellowship.

A reminder that there will be no service here in Dalserf next Sunday 26th December. We are invited as a Congregation to worship at St Machan’s Church in Larkhall at 11am.

Services will resume again on Sunday 2nd January 2022 when the service will be conducted by Revd David Doyle.

Dalserf church extends Christmas wishes to all in the parish and surrounding communities praying your Christmas will be blessed and 2022 may bring peace and goodwill to all.