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Dalserf Church News for week beginning Thursday 19th August 2021
Worship will resume in Dalserf Church on Sunday 22nd August at 11.30am.
The Service will be conducted by Rev. John Stevenson.
A short time of fellowship will follow in Hamilton Hall
Current Scottish Government Guidelines will be applied at all times.
All are welcome at this service

Readings For Lent

40 Days beginning Wednesday 17th February

First nine readings

Psalm 27 vs 14 Wednesday 17th February
1 Peter 5 vs 6 Thursday 18th February
Matthew 6 vs 21 Friday 19th February
Matthew 6 vs 16-18 Saturday 20th February
Isaiah 58 vs 6 Sunday 21st February
Psalm 42 vs 2 Monday 22nd February
Joel 2 vs 12 -14 Tuesday 23rd February
Lamentations 3 vs 25 Wednesday 24th February
Isaiah 30 vs 18 Thursday 25th February

A Christmas Star

The Star shines out from Rorison Church heralding the coming of Christmas.

Thanks to Bob and Rona Campbell we are once again greeted by the star as we enter the village telling us Christmas is coming. It cheers the heart and warms the soul to be reminded in this time of Coronavirus Pandemic God is still on the throne and His Son still reigns over all.

Happy Christmas to all who view our site.

“You the Lord reign forever, your throne endures from generation to generation”. Lamentations 5:19

St Andrew’s Hospice Light Up a Life

Our Light Up a Life Service will be on Sunday 29 November, 2020 at 7pm and, unfortunately this year we will be unable to welcome everyone at the Hospice due to the COVID 19 restrictions but the service will be online for people to watch in the comfort of their own homes.

Dalserf Church commend the work of the Hospice and ask for support for the work it undertaken.

Support is needed financially and prayerfully.

For further information visit the link below

Urgent Appeal


These have to be at East Kilbride on Wednesday 4th November. Joan and I will be in carpark at Rorison on the morning of the 4th at 11.30 to receive donations. Anyone having problems with these arrangements should contact either of us and we will arrange to collect. If you cannot fill a shoe box and would like to make a monetary donation the Blythswood Office is making up boxes with monies received.

An alternative to the shoe box is a drawstring cloth bag measuring 40cm X 30cm.

The list of contents for a box or alternative such as family box or a box for the elderly can be found on the Church web site or from Kay Blair. If possible please include £3.00 donation towards transport of the gifts.

Christmas CANNOT be cancelled, as is being suggested by some media, as it is the celebration of the birth of our Lord. However it looks like it could be bleak compared to how we usually celebrate. Just think how much worse it could be if Blythswood has nothing to offer to those who have next to nothing. Remember Jesus said what we do for a stranger we do for Him.


Shoe Box Appeal Registration | Blythswood Care