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    The first Autumn meeting of the Gathering will take place in Hamilton Hall on Tuesday (7 October) at 12.30 sharp.  Over the next five meetings excellent talks will be given on the Book of Ruth from the old Testament.   The Book of Ruth is one of the most moving accounts in the Bible of love, tragedy, loyalty, faithfulness and kindness.  Soup, tea and coffee will be provided – bring your own eats.  Names to Sheena for catering purposes. (Tel. 01555 666007)


    The Guild meet on Wednesday evening at 7.15 in Rorison when Mrs Jessie Shaw will give a talk entitled “Walking with the Lions”





    A Word from the Minister

    “Church” to many people means a building but to say "the church is a building" is like saying “the family is a house”. This website then is about people (a congregation) who meet weekly to worship God, who teach and guide young folk, who enjoy fellowship together, who pray and study the Bible together, who visit the sick and housebound and generally support people in need.  We invite you to come to our service any Sunday in Dalserf Church at 11.30am or to make contact with us. 

    If you are interested in knowing what it means to be a Christian or in understanding suffering, healing or how we can trust the Bible and  other matters click on “SPIRITUAL HELP” in the Main Menu

    God bless

    Cameron McPherson

    P.S. If you were married in Dalserf Church and would like to help us produce a Wedding Photo Album please e-mail one or two photos of your wedding to me (revcam@btinternet.com )




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    Fun and Fellowship
    Fun and Fellowship
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    Some vintage and classic cars
    Some vintage and classic bikes
    Some vintage and classic cars
    Some vintage and classic cars